Excellent music school - very innovative in their approach to music instruction.
— Peggy Morrow

When I was at my first lesson, my teacher asked me, “Have you ever picked up a guitar or played guitar before?” I was like, “You know what? I smashed one at a party in college and that was it the was only time I picked up a guitar.”
— Cullen Koger

My 7 year old son had a blast! Not only did he learn a modern approach to playing the piano, but he really embraced the performance side as well. All the instructors are talented, and have a great time with the kids. Thank you Preslar Music for the impact you’ve made!
— Rob Beckley

I’ve been to a few different places, but this has been my favorite out of the other music schools. There are just so many more singing opportunities, and a lot more things to get involved in. They really know what they’re talking about. They’re not just someone who has played and now they’re teaching you. They’ve had experience with it for a very long time.”
— Faith Simmons

Absolutely wonderful program for adults that have always wanted to learn an instrument! Come to find out there are a lot other students in the same boat. The instructors are phenomenal! Not everyone learns in the same way and my instructor really has a gift for teaching and accommodating to my pace. Amanda is one if the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve ever met! I’m so glad I finally gave guitar lessons a shot! Love this school!
— Kelsey Downey, student

Been with Preslar Music for the past 9 years...you read that right 9 (nine) years!!! Come on and join us, if you are not with Preslar....where are you?!?
— Deb LaManque
Preslar Music has some of the best musicians that travel and play in Tulsa. You get that kind of opportunity to learn from their personal performing experiences, and not just out of a book.”
— Marc LaManque

Without a doubt the best music school in the Tulsa area!
— Maddie Riggin, student
Great teachers and instruction style. My kiddos really look forward to their lessons every week!
— Auburn Rubitsky

When something is really good, you stick with it! You don’t look elsewhere. That’s been my experience. The feedback and the encouragement is why I continue on here at Preslar Music. I would definitely tell everyone to give them a shot and try it out. They offer a first lesson free. So, really, what have you got to lose?”
— Greg Elwick

Preslar Music will always hold a special place in my heart. Both my kids were part of the Preslar Music family for several years until we moved out of state. We miss it so much! The Preslar teachers taught my kids the fundamentals of playing their instruments while also sharing their infectious love for music. Sadly, we haven’t found quality instruction in our new town, but my kids both still play their instruments regularly. I am thankful to Preslar for getting them started!
— Kathy Ostrem
I called and it’s just the feeling that you get that as soon as you talk to Amanda...you know you’re home. That’s all it took. If you’re starting from scratch, if you’re wanting to improve on a talent that you already have, they’ll work with you.”
— Missy Massey

Amanda & the whole team at Preslar Music are absolutely incredible to work with! Amanda went out of her way to help me in any way needed before I did an audition. I worked with Sarah Maud to go over my vocal selections for the audition - I love how down to earth Sarah is, and really appreciated how comfortable she made my first session. Sarah & Amanda were both extremely encouraging & helpful. I am thankful for the new found relationship with Amanda & the Preslar Music team!
— Michelle Benedek

I’ve been to another [music school] for about four years, and I like this one way better. I’ve been here for a couple of months and I’ve already learned way more than I have there.”
— Ava Greer

Ava just really enjoys it here, and it’s a convenient location for me. I would say it’s top notch. We’ve been to two other schools, and she didn’t seem to excel as quickly as she has in her drumming at Preslar Music. “
— Amanda Duenner

If I were to recommend Preslar to a friend or a family member, I would tell them that it’s a really good experience. They should try it because they’ll like it. Preslar Music is a really fun way to express your talent in music. It’s a good way to meet new people. It’s really fun and you get to perform.”
— Bella Bolen

If I were to recommend Preslar Music to a friend or family member, I would tell them that it’s a great place for students to have an opportunity to learn vocal skills and instruments, regardless of what level they’re at. You should join Preslar Music because it’s a fun way to develop your musical talents.”
— Jessica Bolen

There are some great music places in Tulsa, but Preslar really stands out because they give their kids so many opportunities to perform. I would say you have to try it! Come out, walk around, get a feel for it... you will not be disappointed if you give it a try.”
— Rachel Simmons

Playing at venues around town is a really cool thing to do just because it opens you up to new opportunities and makes you have less stage fright and stuff. You kind of feel cool doing it! I was proud of myself when we did it, I know that. I promise you’ll like it.”
— Sarah Parker

I think music needs to be fun and Preslar Music does a great job at that. My daughter took lessons at another music place in town and I had to drag her out the door to go take lessons. Whereas here, they walk in the door, and Seth’s happy. There’s energy, it’s fun, and the teachers are great...everyone’s hip and it’s outstanding.”
— Shea Eby

I’d say Preslar Music is the coolest place to learn music. Thank you for teaching me music. I love Preslar Music.”
— Seth Eby