Once students have a firm grasp on the basics on their instrument, our Rock Band Program is designed to help take a student’s playing to the next level.  

Songs in our Rock Band Program are written (or chosen) and recorded by the students. The classes are led by instructors who not only have years of experience with teaching, but also with rehearsing and performing with their own professional bands. Commitments are per semester due to the rehearsal and performance nature of this program. 

Students must be enrolled in individual lessons in order to participate in this Rock Band Program.  By audition only.

The Rock Band Program includes:

  • Weekly private music lesson: piano, voice, drums, guitar or bass
  • Weekly, 1-hr. band rehearsals/month with an assigned band
  • Performance opportunities through out the year
  • Learn note and chart reading, song arrangement & set building
  • Learn and apply the technical aspects of performance